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Default Re: Noah, Durant and Oden

Originally Posted by beau_boy04
I think no matter what, Oden will the first player taken. And I give you some reasoning behind my opinion.

1. In past draft centers/pf have been taken first, e.g. tim duncan, hakeem olajuwom, yao ming, d howard, etc

2. The Nba is in big need of true centers. So whoever picks Oden they will have one of the top centers for at least 10 years.

3. They are plenty of wing players in the nba - TMac, Paul Pierce, Kobe, Lebron James, Vince Carter, Rashard Lewis, so Durant will be just one more to the collection, how many true centers are there in the Nba? Yao for sure, Shaq is in decline, and Howard and maybe Okafor.

4. Oden doesn't need to score to help his team win. Durant needs to.

5. Thank you
I agree, big men are always ranked higher then swing men, regardless of how much more talent the swing man has. Greg Oden is going to be a beast, Kevin Durant will be a bust.
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