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Default Re: Kendall Marshall has potential to be a poor man's Rondo

Originally Posted by JMT
Good question.

Typically, an injury to the off wrist, as long as it doesn't reveal something structural, shouldn't be much of an issue.

I was surprised to see how high the draft guys are projecting Marshall (somewhere in the mid/late teens). I've considered him a solid college PG who is surrounded by some really good options. Given that, and the players who will no doubt have elevtaed their stock in the tournament, it may cause him to slip a couple spots but nothing major.

I personally see him as having a ceiling of Andre Miller. Floor is he can't guard anybody and is out of the league in three years.

i'm not all that surprised myself. He's a piss poor defender but his court vision/passing ability is unreal. He's one of those guys that just makes his teammates better. He'll never be a max contract player but he's gonna earn some guys some max contracts. He's even answered some questions about his offensive game over the past few weeks. If I was a team that needed a PG i'd be ecstatic about drafting him
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