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Default Re: Kendall Marshall has potential to be a poor man's Rondo

Originally Posted by BIG FURB
i'm not all that surprised myself. He's a piss poor defender but his court vision/passing ability is unreal. He's one of those guys that just makes his teammates better. He'll never be a max contract player but he's gonna earn some guys some max contracts. He's even answered some questions about his offensive game over the past few weeks. If I was a team that needed a PG i'd be ecstatic about drafting him

And there's my question about him. He plays with arguably the most talented team in college basketball. How much is he doing to make guys like Barnes, Zeller etc better? I can see his impact at times on McAdoo and the younger guys, but an upper classman is supposed to bring that.

Agreed that he's a lousy defender. No way he can handle NBA PG on the perimeter. Just too slow laterally.

Again, I think his upside is Andre Miller, which isn't a bad career. But I could see him as an outright flop as well.
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