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Default Isaiah Thomas The Real Deal

Who still wants Jimmer as the starting PG? Check this out

Isaiah Impact: In 17gms since Isaiah Thomas became starter:

Kings rank 1st in NBA in Fastbreak Pts/Gm.
Kings rank 1st in NBA in Possessions/Gm.
Kings rank 2nd in NBA in Pts/Gm.
Kings rank 2nd in NBA in Pts in Paint/Gm.

All these poeple who talking about Isaiah is too small to be a PG in the NBA need to gain some knowledge on some of the shortest players to ever play in the NBA.

Calvin Murphy (5'9)13yr NBA career. Damon Stoudermire (5'10) 13yr NBA career. Spud Webb (5'7) 13yr NBA career. Earl Bokyins (5'5) in his 14th yr. Muggys Bouge (5'2) 14yr NBA career. All these dude played big in the NBA and Isaiah will hopefully be on that list down the road. So all you Isaiah haters need to stop riding Jimmer's jock and face it. He's not a true PG and he can barely play SG.
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