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Default Re: Music to my ears

Good post Franchize, and I think I will take this opportunity to officially take some things back I've said about Woodson too.

I have always viewed him to be a defensive mind, mainly because of Larry Brown, but I actually thought he was a stubborn in his ways as D'antoni was.

Woodson makes game.

He didn't do that with the Hawks, they played the same way every game, and constantly switched on defense, and as much as he may deny there was an "iso-Joe" offense, he knows deep down it was, and I was completely concerned about that, when he took over.

Now, true enough, our offense still looks suspect, but that's primarily due to the offensive sets haven't been revamped yet, just a few tweaks, and a new focus on defense creating offense.

Woodson is earning my respect as each game goes by.

1) Portland.....even in massive blowout win, Woodson got in his guys on sportmanship....ex JR Smith, Iman Shumpert.

2)Indy..... back to back...having the team focused with a purpose to take the game early, and once again had to grill players for not playing the right way...ex Landry Fields and Jeremy Lin.

3)Philly.....adjustments were abound in this game.

Philly said "NO Novak Tonite", went small with basically Brand in the post with Iggy as the four.

Woodson made the adjustments needed even to the point of having to bench our best post defender, even after Jeffries went down.

He kept Amar'e on the block, with trust, and he delivered big time.

He also trusted his backcourt down the stretch, and they came up great as well.

Woodson knows this team has offensive talent, and they'll find a way to score, but he knows that winning games will be easier if defense is the engine.

Props from me to Mr Mike Woodson.
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