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Default Re: Steve Novak or Aaron Affalo?

Look at their stats and decide for yourself.


16.7 MPG
48% FG
48% 3P
2.3 3PM
4.8 3PA

Last 5 Games

16.4 MPG
50% FG
48% 3P
2.8 3PM
5.8 3PA


32 MPG
45% FG%
38% 3P%
1.4 3PM
3.6 3PA

Last 5 Games

33 MPG
49% FG%
30% 3P%
1.2 3PM
4.0 3PA

Obviously choice is Novak if you're looking for 3 pointers. He makes almost double the mount of what Affalo makes while playing almsot half the minutes he does. Novak is a 3 point specialist while Affalo isn't. Obviously Affalo is the better player simply because of his defense and over-all game, but if all you need is 3 pointers at a high efficiency, Novak is your answer.

Affalo does score about 5 more points a game though, but that's because he plays about 16 more minutes per game than Novak.
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