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Default Re: Illinois basketball fans

Besides, I'm really not all that sure Stevens runs the type of program or is the type of coach that'd work at Illinois. He doesn't have much experience at all in big time recruiting, he gets most 2/3 star guys and coaches them up. He'll have Nolan Berry soon, but he's like a top 60 4 star and that's by far his best recruit ever. Remember Matt Howard? He didn't go to Purdue because there was no scholarship for him. Those're the types of guys he wins with, discarded (however wrongly) middle tier recruits.

He could do great at a bona fide blue blood where recruits come to him and he can pick whomever he wants to fit his system and style. But Illinois isn't that, he'd have to pick a couple high end targets a year and go after them hard and if/when he misses out you've got the Illini fanbase saying "c'mon, why the hell don't all these Chicago Public kids want to go to CHAMPAIGN?" I'm being honest, I really don't think Stevens is a good fit at Illinois.

Also, Purdue doesn't have much of any argument at all over Illinois as a program. Hell, take the names off the resumes and they're just about the same program.
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