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Default Re: *OFFICIAL* ORLANDO MAGIC game discussion thread.

Originally Posted by JMEWLS
Current Standings:
New Jersey Nets: 36 - 40 [0GB]
Orlando Magic: 35 - 41 [1GB]
Indiana Pacers: 34 - 42 [2GB]
New York Knicks: 32 - 44 [4GB]

Indiana have won 2 straight, unless a VERY BIG Magic slump. Magic pretty much have the 8th seed on lock.

New Jersey are now only 1 game ahead, and have had 2 huge games. Including a big win today, and Jason Kidd and Vince Carter both getting a triple double. Something that hasn't been done since Jordan and Pippen.

Orlando could catch New Jersey. Cleveland is a much easier playoff opponent for the Magic then Detroit is. If they end up with Cleveland in the first round, look for the Magic to at least take the series to 6 games.
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