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Default this is one of the weakest draft classes ever

after finally having a decent idea of all the talent in this draft in the first round...I have determined that this draft just flat out SUCKS

3 "elite prospects"


^^^ take away those 3 players and this draft is just flat our garbage

-Blackmon, nice WR who is 1st round talent for sure, but he is only 6'1"...207 lbs...he ran a elite size or speed...he isn't on the same level as Fitz/Calvin/Andre

-Claiborne is small...5'11"...185 lbs...he has 4.5 speed...nothing very exciting at all...he isn't close to Pat Peterson in terms of being a physical specimin
^^^ Claiborne 40

-Richardson doesn't have elite speed for a RB...he clearly isn't a Peterson...he is getting hyped over his blocking...yawn

the top saftey in the draft? an in the box tackling type that can't make plays on the ball...and in today's NFL you really just need 2 FS out there...the SS is fading away...he looks like a poor man's Roy Williams

this is the worst year ever for teams that need to draft a safety

one of the top prospects that isn't Luck/RG3/Kalil is a fckin guard...DeCastro...who does look "elite" but he is a guard.

anyway...this draft is garbage, that's all
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