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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

Originally Posted by Heavincent
They got Jordan down pat. Fade away jumpers, ball handling, post moves, dunks, layups, everything. It's scary how much it looks like the real Jordan. Those guys at 2K know their shit.

Yeah,I remember thinking with 2k11,"Man, it's gonna take YEARS for them to top this!!", but lo and behold, they still kicked it up a notch. For Swoosh, a couple of things they improved on was making Jordan's turnaround Jumper a lot quicker in 12, as well as making the Ball arc vary from shot to shot. Like, if he's "hugging" the baseline on a turnaround, he will arc it higher, just like in real life. Also, the faces are more accurate IMO, even as good as 2k11 did faces the first time.

Also, Scottie Pippen plays more like "PIP" now, and not as much like a role player like he did in 11.You can "feel" how valuable he is roaming the floor on "D" just like real life. The only thing missing from 12 really, is Phil walking the sidelines (like he was in 11), but you'll quickly forget about it, once the action starts (for Phil Jackson lovers, don't worry, 2k11 can be bought between 10-20 bucks now lol).

All things considered, I've never had a game make me feel like a "kid" again, as much as 2k12 has this past year (Sonic Generations came close though).

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