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Default Re: harrison barnes next paul pierce or?

Originally Posted by JMT
Love his shot, length, ath;eticism, and that he's played both the 2 and the wing in college. By all accounts has a really good attitude and work ethic.

Not crazy about the way he avoids contact and settles for the outside shot. At his height he should be the biggest matxhup nightmare in college ball, and he's not. IMO he should be the best player in college ball, and he's not.

Pierce brings a level of toughness and tenacity to the court that I've never seen from Barnes. His game reminds me more of Rudy Gay than Pierce.

I've heard people talk about him being surrounded by so much talent at UNC that he'll break out in the pros. I'm not sure I see him having that superstar demeanor.

I actually came in here to start a thread saying this same thing. Whatever "it" is, it seems like he doesn't quite have it. There's plenty of things to like. The size and athleticism, but he doesn't seem to play to what he measures if that makes sense. And his stroke is really pure, but we've seen him go through cold spells shooting. And he definitely tends to settle for that jumper a little too much. Also, he doesn't seem to have a ton of playmaking instincts, along the lines of Joe Johnson, which felt like a possible comp as being just below that superstar level, and a guy who is a shooter.

Deng isn't nearly as good physically, and probably a little too creative. Maybe someone like Jason Richardson, a great run and jump athlete who as a PG you'd love to have filling lanes for you, who can also spot up and stroke it, but just isn't good enough with the ball to give and get out of the way like most superstar wings.

I'm sure there'll be plenty of people offended by this perspective, but it's not like I haven't seen a ton of the guy play. Both good and bad stretches. And I get this odd feeling watching him. He's so polished in terms of his fundamental skills it's hard to even envision where his upside goes, because a lot of what I miss from him feels like instinct. He's obviously still got value as a high lottery pick, I just don't think my expectactions would be what most people's would. I feel like I'd take Kidd Gilchrist over him for example, which kind of feels like it's running against the normal opinion.
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