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Default Re: Resident Evil 6 Announced.

Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
I think you have to be a Resident Evil fan to like it and even's just passable. It's just a standard 3rd person shooter. If you don't play with real people then it just isn't that good. You squad AI is some of the worst ever. I've only played through two sections of the campaign and it's only alright. The multiplayer was actually quite fun though. There's a cool mode where your 4 man squad goes up against another in a mission to get to the landing spot and wait for an escape chopper to get there all the while zombies are every where.

My score for this game is 6.5/10

Thanks for your input man, i am a fan of resident evil but i think i'll just wait till 6 is out and go mental, (if i can wait till November)!
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