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Default Donald Sterling gives his support to Clippers coach

Owner expresses satisfaction with Vinny Del Negro and sees no reason to make a change.

Clippers owner Donald Sterling said before the team's Monday night game against the New Orleans Hornets that he hasn't given any thought to making a coaching change.

And he sees no reason why Vinny Del Negro won't be the team's coach for the remainder of the season.

"I like him," said Sterling. "I usually follow the advice of my people, and I think they care for him, like him and want him to succeed. And I think he will."


"Chris Paul will be with me for a lifetime," Sterling said. "And Blake will too. I'm not going to ever let these guys go. They are max players, and so you're going to pay that and keep them."


"I see absolutely no reason why there would be a coaching change based on where the guys are now," Olshey said. "I think everybody built us up into something because we got out to such a great start and the minute we didn't live up to it for a short period of time everyone wanted to act like the Apocalypse was upon us."


As much as anything, the Clippers are now trying to deal with something new to the organization: success.

"Listen," Olshey said. "If anyone had told us when we made the trade for Chris Paul that we'd be fourth in the conference and two games behind the Lakers, we'd say, yeah. Because of that the pressure's on and now we'll see how we do.''

Bolded my favorite part of the article. That will put to rest any uncertainties you might have about management's willingness to pay our guys. Full article is here:,5296993.story
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