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Default Re: Illinois basketball fans

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
OK give yourself one more final 4. You're reaching. It's not highly held position. No one gives a shit in the top two tiers about making the tournament. You're just proving my point. And so are the VCU and Butler coaches who currently have better programs.

Tier 3 at best, and you can't say other wise, if you want to pick 10 or 20 teams, it doesn't matter. Two Final 4's does not make one top 1-2 tier and apparently top coaching candidates agree with me.

Keep up your fantasy land that your program means anything. At least as a Michigan fan I know where we stand, and we have 3 final games and a championship in my lifetime. You guys got D-will; lol.

Maybe you can get Billy G to leave TT.

Can you read well. I gave you the last 20-25 years which is what YOU mentioned as a barometer for all the programs you listed you moron. I laid it out there for you: THE FACTS. You gave me some off the wall opinion that had no merit and still doesn't.
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