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Default Re: How depressing is it being a Nets fan right now?

yea, that's understandable. he's been an ass so many times that i've lost count.

well, hopefully among us few remaining nets fans, one of our alternate choices will win the trophy this year. we can have a thread about that later, maybe. our alternate teams so far:

san antonio

i'm throwing san antonio in there because i've always been a duncan and pop fan, and a fan of older players getting it done. i might have thrown the lakers in there in past years, but without phil jackson i just can't. also, no way in hell do i want kobe to equal the number of rings that jordan obtained. kobe is an amazing player, no doubt, but he still pulls the AI / carmelo anthony routine far too often and that bothers me a lot. i think that if his fanboys really want to call him the next jordan then he should have learned to be the team player that jordan became by his fifth year. instead he's still fighting for shots with bynum and gasol at age 33 with creaky knees.

it's a VC3- you didn't give your picks.
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