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Default 2012 Simulation League ( 1950's-2012's Era) - sign up thread

We only draft NBA players, who played in the NBA from 1951 to 2011.

I am taking over as commish of this league.

Snake Draft Format

No Salary Cap

Standard format of the simming as the other leagues.

Rules and Regulation

1. Every Team would select at least one player from the 1950's up to the current era, but other participants cannot picked the same player in the next round.

2. There will be 8 rounds of drafting. So you basically draft a team of All-Time players in different era's.


Raj Da Dodge select 2005-06 Kobe Bryant. (Best statistical season of Kobe)

3. There will be a time limit during the drafting process. When I am not online; Iamgine and Maniak are the co-commish of this league, and one more if a vet steps up in the league.

4. The time limit will be as follows; PLEASE NOTE; 12 hrs for 1st 4 rounds, 6 hrs for rounds 5-6, and 4 hrs for rounds 7-8. Make a list of players you want to draft and send it to someone who will be online. Send it to multiple people.

5. The simming will be run by me and a few others who ever volunteers to sim.

6. 5. After the regular season we will have the playoffs, and the seeding will be decided based on the current record of the participants. Do yall want divisions? Or just first 6 make it?

Updated GM list of members in league:

1. Raj Da Dodge
2. LABean
3. KBryant24
4. Alamo
5. Magnax
6. Toizumi
7. Celtics Pride
8. NZ33
9. Iamgine
10. qrich
11. Dwayne Rose
12 Maniak

PM either Maniak, me, or Iamgine if you want to play! We might need one more player to replace Glove. So lemme know! Would Quata want to play he's a excellent vet.

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