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Default Re: Maybe The Pistons Don't Draft Big

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I certainly would not be adverse to picking up Kaman if the price was right. I suppose it all comes down to how Detroit's draft positioning works out. For a while I thought they were in the running for a guy like Anthony Davis but they seem to have played themselves out of that possibility.

If we keep hitting shots with .2 of a second left at least When I saw that game winner the other day I cringed. We were actually in good shape still for a top draft pick. Charlotte, New Orleans, and Washington are definitely going to finish with the 3 worst records. After that there were 5 teams (I think) tied with 16 wins. Now there's two with 16 and three with 17.... We need a solid losing streak to end the season and I think we could still end up with a top 3 pick.

With all that said, after watching the tournament I think it's a deep draft but I don't think it's a great draft. It was really hyped up and it's been talked about for years. Unfortunately, not all these big guys look like they're going to be as good as we thought. Obviously, Davis is going to be a beast. The kid in Kansas (Robinson) looks like the real deal too. Perry Jones really let me down this year and so did Harrison Barnes. There's still potential with those two, but it would be scary drafting them high. I wouldn't mind one of the bigs out of UNC. I'm not as high on Bradley Beal as most people. He reminds me of a 6th man 2 guard coming off the bench like BG or OJ Mayo. That's not what Detroit needs. We need starters. So at this point, I just want to see where we end up and then take the best available player. It may make sense to go after Kaman pretty hard this offseason when he's a FA.
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