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Default Re: I just can imagine playing streetball in USA awesome...

Originally Posted by Swaggin916
outdoors u have to organize almost everywhere... indoors there are always gyms running games. its terrible for ur body to play outdoors on that joint crushing cement or blacktop so its a good thing.
That is not always the case in my area. I wish gyms were always running games in the summer, but it seems many of them close down during the non-school months. Further, I'm not a big fan of paying to play basketball, so if I have to choose between attending open gyms at athletic centers for $5/night versus playing outdoors, I'm going to be outdoors all summer.

Thankfully, my local basketball court has actually provided quite well, considering the small size of my city. There's surely always going to be the scrubs springing about and joining in, but there's really not much that can be done about that. I'm just thankful I have a place locally I can ride my bike to and just play. Thus far, with the abnormally warm past couple of weeks here in Michigan, the court has been live, and it's been awesome.
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