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Default Re: Warriors Vs Lakers

Originally Posted by Bosnian Sajo
Hold on now, im saying have either of them EVER taken a three point shot for fun like Bynum did? He has ABSOLUTELY no three point shot whatsoever, he just threw it up for no reason. That def deserves a benching, get outta here.
This. Bynum trailed the play by a few seconds as he strolled down court after the ball was passed to him he never even squared up or set his feet. He Halfassed it and jacked up that shot.

The 3 was the icing on the cake he wasn't into the game at all. Look at his final free throw attempts he got the ball and barely looked at the rim just before lobbing the ball in the general direction. Anyone trying to make an argument for Bynum not to be benched is using the situation to further an agenda.

As the king of benching big named players Phil Jackson once said, losing playing time is the only thing that gets through to these guys or as John Wooden said, the bench is a coaches best friend

Kid needs to grow up. He wants to be a team leader time to act like one
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