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Default Re: Noah, Durant and Oden

Originally Posted by beau_boy04
you're saying Durant will be better than Kevin Garnett?

Depending on which team picks Durant and if he's the only good player in his team I see him averaging 30/10/2 in couple of season.

If Oden can polish his game and develop a more aggressive demeanor I could see him doing some 30/20/4 seasons.


OMG, are you serious?

this is officially the stupidest post ever.

Think about what you've just said.

Durant is a 6'10 220lbs. wing player. He's been compared to at best as a Tracy McGrady player with more size. Tracy never averaged 30/10 and neither will Durant. Do not be surprised if Durant ends up being more along the lines of Rashard Lewis. 30/10 wont happen for him. ever.

Now your predictions for Greg Oden are even worse. 30/20? Do you even remember the last player to put up 20 rebounds a game? and 30 points for a center? This is a guards game now, the 30 points wont happen and neither will the 20 rebounds.

Stop being so extreme about your predictions, just because it's a strong draft doesn't mean there wont be busts. Most players wont live up to the players they were compared to.

You clearly haven't seen enough of either play. Your predictions are way off.
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