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Default Re: College Player Watch

Originally Posted by ljsbb27
What do you think the actual chances are of us using the amnesty on Boozer? Have you heard any speculation of this? Read any articles on it? Just curious...

I would love for the Bulls to spend the money on making sure they keep both Asik and Gibson here long term but we have to wait and see if that's actually going to happen.

We should also keep in mind our draft pick from last Year Nikola Mirotic plays PF and will probably be here in a year or two.
Logically it makes sense, Simmons writes about it all the time. Adande mentions it in passing, when he talks about the Bulls. I think that if a Pau trade never manifests itself, it happens. Especially given the current playoff seedings, who right now we match up with the Knicks who Boozer has had some trouble with outside of one game. And then either the Hawks/Pacers/Philly(granted the whole team has problems with them.)

Ideally I'd love to see Mirotic come over in two years to give his body some time to mature. And I think that if we drafted this guy, it buys us time. Plus you can never have too many bigs. Although we do need a young shooting guard, more than probably anything right now.
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