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Default Re: Official 2012 ISH NFL Mock Draft

I've decided to go with the WHite Boy... Luke Kuechly (MLB) from Boston College.

Seattle hasn't resigned David Hawthorn yet... and even if they do, One of these two guys will move to the outside.

So hopefully Seattle can get Hawthorn and Kuechly together.

Instincts that are truly rare
Nose for the ball
Extremely intelligent
Rock-solid tackler
Takes good angles
Very advanced ability to shed blocks
Strong hands
Produces good down-and-distance situations
Gets deep in his pass drops
Reads quarterback's eyes well
Surprises with ability to run downfield with pass receivers
Student of the game
Proven leader by example; passion for the game
Durable, experienced starter
Consistent, reliable producer

Lacks great speed
Not a super athlete
Closing speed is not special
Not an experienced blitzer
Could use another 10-12 pounds of bulk

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