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Default Quick question

Will the Knicks make the playoffs ?

Record: 26-26
Games left: 14
Standings: 8th seed.
4.5 games behind Atlanta (.441 SOS,2nd easiest in the league)
3.5 games behind Boston (.556 SOS,toughest in the league)
2.5 games behind Philadelphia (.460 SOS,3rd easiest in the league)
1.5 games ahead of Milwaukee (.435 SOS,easiest in the league)

*SOS = strength of schedule,based on winning percentage of the opponents.

We have a tough schedule and everyone around us has one of the easiest in the league except Boston who is 3.5 games ahead of us.

I don't want to hear answers "Maybe,if Milwaukee starts to lose..." or something like that.
I just want to hear your honest opinion on whether the Knicks will make the playoffs or not ?
With 14 games remaining it's time to really wonder about that.
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