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Originally Posted by franchize
Personally, I don't mind staying at the 8th seed. Unless we can get the 6th, Im just find playing Chicago. I have faith in us being able to beat Miami on any given day, but not for 4 games in a series. Chicago locks up defensively. Probably the best defensive team in the league. That being said, if Amare's healthy, we'll have 2 guys that could light any team up on any given night no matter how well they're being played.

I would love to play Orlando moreso than Philly or Indiana. I think if you close out on Orlando's shooters, you should be good to go. I think the best way to play them is NOT to double Dwight.

That is the best way to play them...and the reason the Orlando Magic win so many games is because the other team cant afford to not double Dwight. Most teams don't have the type of defensive Center with enough size to hold his own with he gets doubled, and players like Jason Richardson, Turk, JJ Reddick and Ryan Anderson all get open 3's.

The Knicks though, we have Tyson Chandler, who can play Dwight very well defensively. We give less open shots to Orlando, which can really throw them off their game.

That's why I think you're right and Orlando would be the best team for us to play in the first round because we can match up very well with them.

Losing to Hawks hurt the chances of that happening greatly though. We're 3 and a half games back of the 6th seed I think? We could've been 1 and a half.
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