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Default Re: Judge my shooting form

Originally Posted by Salazaar
Thanks a lot, I'll do my best to correct those flaws, but some things are just so deeply ingrained that it's hard to do it the other way... But I'll try, because I want my jumper to be perfect and I will accept nothing less than that..

But some people just say: "shoot it the way it feels comfortable for you, everyone has their own style, don't overanalyse cause it won't makr your shot better if you'll try to force it"... Taking about the 90 degree angle, I want to show you some images:

The angle seems to be comparable to mine (as much perpendicular as parallel) and I'm just wondering.. What would you say about his shooting form?

Yeah I feel you about things being ingrained into our shooting strokes. By no means am I trying to suggest you must change these things. They're merely observations being made, as I think you understand.

With that said, regarding the Nowitzki photos you offered up, I think it is quite clear he is falling away at a significant angle in each instance. And while Nowitzki's stroke is unique regardless, the fact he's falling away makes his elbow much more perpendicular to the floor that it actually would be if he were shooting a normal spot up jumper. Further, it can be seen that despite his body being at an angle, his arm is still forming something within the realm of a 90 degree angle. To be sure, it can be quite tough to judge one's shooting stroke via photo without context.

All that said, your references to Dirk make it apparent to me that is who you're trying to emulate. Is this true? If so, I believe it's worth noting there are a number of reasons Dirk is able to make his unique jumper work, a lot of it having to do with the fact that he's 7'0'' and falls away on his jumpers with great frequency.
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