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Default 2012 Simulation League ( 1950's-2012's Era) - draft thread

Here we go folks! Welcome to the 2012 annual ISH annual Whatifsports draft! I am glad all the members decided to join this and enjoy what we love doing on ISH! So, without further adieu, lets begin with the draft lottery!!!!

ok I did not want this to happen but it did, here's the proof that there was no cheating going on:



if yall want I can do it again. But here's the draft order:

PHP Code:
1. Raj Da Dodge
2. NZ33
3. KBryant24
4. Alamo
5. Toizumi
6. Celtics Pride
7. Magnax
8. Dwayne Rose
9. Maniak
10. qrich
11. LABean
12. Iamgine

here's the player search page:

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