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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
HBO is running a marathon of season one right now in preparation for tonight, and I have it on in the background while I'm cleaning.

I noticed something I didn't the first time (although watching the first time at this point I wouldn't have had cause to notice), and don't recall from the books.

It's after Bran is pushed from the window and is in the coma. Cate is sitting bedside with him. Tyrion had just told Cersie and Jamie that the maester says that it appears Bran will live. Cersie says it's cruel to let the boy go through life a disfigured monster.

Anyway ... they cut away and Cersie enters Bran's room. Catelyn is sitting there, she apologizes for not being properly dressed. Cersie excuses her and tells her what a handsome boy Bran is. Then goes into a story about losing her first born, which she later apologizes for because it's not something Catelyn is likely to want to hear. But the story, paraphrasing
"I lost my first born as well you know. A black haired beauty. He was a fighter too. But he succombed to the fever."
Now I recall this the first time, and thought it was just another example of Cersie being a bitch, and attempting to break Catelyn's spirit as she sits bedside, perhaps thinking that it's her will that's keeping Bran alive at this point. But upon this viewing, the Black Haired beauty part stuck out. The boy must have been Robert's, and the implication is that she some how infected and killed him. I don't remember it from the books. But it seems like she and Jamie were plotting to have a full blooded Lannister become the heir to the throne even before Joffrey starts coming of age. And she was in the process of eradicating the Baretheon heirs, bastards or not, even before there was any suspicion from Robert Aren or Ned.

Just something that struck me. Already looking forward to tonight.

That doesn't make sense though. Remember Maggy the Frogs prophecy? (white text)

Cersei asked Maggy if her and the King would have children and Maggy told Cersei she would have 3 children. She already has Joff, Tommen and whats her face....this would mean she had a 4th child...making part of the prophecy wrong.

I don't see how it works out.
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