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Default Jonny Flynn excited for his opportunity to play

Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Former Timberwolves guard Jonny Flynn is starting over again, for the second time in nine months.

This time, he's doing it in Portland, two time zones away from previous NBA chances in Minnesota and Houston.

"It's almost like being back in college again, without the blizzards and the classes," Flynn said of a city where the NBA team is the only game in town, like when he played at Syracuse. "It's family, so much love, a one-show pony out here. You've got the Portland Trail Blazers and nothing else. I'm definitely happy to be here. They're giving me a chance to go out there and play and that's all you can ask for."

Flynn is playing backup minutes behind Blazers starting point guard Raymond Felton after the team did a completely franchise makeover at the trade deadline, firing coach Nate McMillan and replacing him with 33-year-old former video coordinator Kaleb Canales while also dealing away Gerald Wallace and Marcus Camby.
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