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Default Re: Buzz builds that Colts could take Griffin

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
* sits back, relaxes with a drink*

Yeah, this is a great position to be in. No matter what happens, we end up with an elite prospect at the most important position in sports.

" But that trade was so STUUPID!! Typical Redskins, trading the farm for one player..."

I actually think Luck is the better prospect but barely and I like Griffin's personality better. I wrote off Luck ages ago for my team but this 'uncertain' mindset from IND still makes me very comfortable regardless of outcomes.

Griffin was in Chantilly, VA signing boat loads of Redskins stuff and refused to sign any Indy merchandise so he knows the deal.

Griffin would rather come to WSH, it's quite clear. We have more talent on the team currently and he could win easier off the bat here than Indy.

Idk man. The NFC east is obviously better then the AFC south and this year looks like the NFC as whole could be better then the AFC.
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