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Default ESPN's early preseason top 25

1. Indiana
2. Louisville
3. Kansas
4. Kentucky
5. Ohio State
6. NC State
7. Michigan State
8. Michigan
9. Florida
10. Baylor
11. North Carolina
12. Arizona
13. Memphis
14. Syracuse
15. Duke
16. Texas
17. Notre Dame
18. Creighton
19. Gonzaga
20. Kansas State
21. Wisconsin
22. VCU
23. San Diego State
24. Tennessee
25. Missouri

Honorable mentions: Cincinnati, UNLV, Pittsburgh, Alabama, UCLA, Florida State, Stanford, Saint Louis, Marquette, Maryland, New Mexico, Butler, Saint Mary's, Xavier, Nevada.


What do you think? Apparently it is based on predictions on which players will leave their teams, although we never know until we find out. To me it seems that UNC is a bit way too high at 11, they should not be preseason top 25 at all having lost Zeller, Henson, Barnes and Marshall(perhaps McAdoo too if he pulls a Marvin Williams on coach Roy). Kentucky is quite an uncertainty here, Coach Cal can easily make it no.1 preseason team by adding Nerlens Noel and/or Shabazz Muhammad, or they may not end up in top 5.
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