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Default Our backcourt is being exposed without Rose

Its becoming pretty obvious just how much we need Rose, and a lot of the issues I have, is due to our backcourt.

-Of the past 9 games we've played, 6 of those games had top scorers from none other than the PG position. That right there tells you how much Rose's defense is being missed, and how severely underrated it is.

-Our front court has not been producing as it should. Boozer is not scoring enough, neither is Noah. I blame this ENTIRELY on Lucas and Watson. They are very 3 happy, and its something I don't like at all. Not just that, they spend TOO much time off the clock, and by the time the play is made, we are seconds before a 24 shot clock violation.

-Our ball movement has not been the same. Remember that excellent ball movement we remember seeing in the first half? Well it ain't there at all, and at times, we've looked like our old last year selves of a very stagnant offense. This is another place Rose is being missed, his penetration ability was gold for our bigs, but with Watson and Lucas relying on jumpshots, we don't have this.

-We've been getting killed on the boards. And this is once again, due to the 3 happy backcourt. Missed three pointers are being sent too far back, and making it harder for our elite rebounders to do their thing.

Our team without Rose is good, but its getting apparent why this team wouldn't get far in the postseason. I can't wait for Rose to come back. The things he does and provide just can't be shown on paper, and the haters will never understand.

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