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Default Re: ESPN's early preseason top 25

umm UNC is indeed in somewhat of a tough situation now. The team is worse than 2010's talent-wise which went to NIT, but they suffered lots of injuries in that season. The team looks like it can easily end up in NIT again or even CBI if same magnitude of injury storm strikes as it did in 2010 and this year.

Indiana is looking good this year, definitely something to be excited about even though I am not a fan of theirs. I mean, after all it used to be such a powerhouse. Kentucky already returned to their past glory, now it is IU and UCLA's turn though the latter may have to spend a few more years exploring the 'truth'.

Louisville and Florida both seem quite nice too, coached by two top 10 coaches in the league. Should be interesting if they meet up again in tournament, perhaps this time in final four. Pitino always has an edge over his student, to me it seems that such trend will continue unless Billy Donovan has a much more talented team like 2007's Gators.

Also Duke's future is somewhat uncertain too, having lost Austin Rivers they need some kind of replacement good enough to compete. Syracuse and Ohio State may have the same problem, but I still expect a decent season for both of them. Missouri, umm, they choked in the best year they've ever had, and perhaps the best year they will ever have. Chances are they become mediocre like Iowa State did after losing to Hampton.
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