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Default Re: Joe Flacco Says He Is The Best Quarterback In The League

Originally Posted by niko
Eli said he is elite, which is "i am in the top level". He also qualified it to death in the interview which everyone skipped because no one actually listens to the Michael Kay show (nor should they).

If Eli says even this year "I AM THE BEST" i'd roll my eyes. Flacco?
Originally Posted by ClutchOver9000
#1. Eli said he was in the top tier of QBs, not that he was the best, plus he already had a ring at the time he said it.

#2. Flacco on the other hand says he's the best, and he's nowhere near Eli as a QB.
You guys can say what you want about it, but for me, I'm done. I'm still vomiting all the crow I had to eat. Kevin Kolb could say he's the second coming of Dan Marino and I wouldn't say a word.
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