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Default Re: ESPN's early preseason top 25

Originally Posted by Kiddlovesnets
umm UNC is indeed in somewhat of a tough situation now. The team is worse than 2010's talent-wise which went to NIT, but they suffered lots of injuries in that season.

No, they aren't. In 2009-2010 the two best returning players were Deon Thompson and Ed Davis. Ed Davis only played about 20 games due to injury, so UNC essentially only had him half the season, and he barely played during conference play. Same thing with Zeller who missed about 10-12 games during ACC play. After that, UNC had sophomore Larry Drew (who sucked), junior Will Graves (nothing more than a three-point shooter), senior Marcus Ginyard (missed games due to injury and not an offensive threat), and freshmen Henson, Strickland, McDonald, and the Wear twins.

Now, you might notice I named 11 players, which might point towards being deep, but they weren't. One of the Wears missed most of the year with an injury and the other one was a freshman who wasn't that good. Strickland was very raw and nothing more than an athlete, and a freshman. McDonald was even worse than Strickland and, oh yeah, a freshman. And Henson spent the first 10-12 games of the season playing SF in a miserably failed experiment. And even when he was moved to PF he showed how raw he was offensively. I will always love Deon Thompson but he shouldn't be your best player if you want to contend in the ACC and even be on the bubble for the NCAA tournament. He went from being the 5th option in 2009 to the 1st option in 2010, not good.

Next year, even if UNC doesn't get McAdoo back they'll be a little more talented than they were in 2009-2010, simply because of the experience, talent, and depth on the wings. You'd have a senior Strickland, juniors Bullock and McDonald, and sophomore Hairston. Basically, I said all that to say no, UNC didn't have more talent in 2009-2010 than they will next year, especially if McAdoo comes back. If that does happen I still don't think UNC should be a preseason top 15 team.
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