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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Re: Going left or right?

In a 1v1 it Depends on how the D is playing you. and how good your footwork/ballhandling are U don't to take the side the defense gives you. EX. Player A is guarding you to your left side. U want to maybe fake left hen go right in a triple threat position because they are going to have to shift their feet back to face you giving you the advantage. Same goes for right.

But if there playing you straight up u really have both choices. Remember the defense doesn't know what your going to do. so u have all control. If u drive left and you see there keeping up with you. You gonna have to make a quick change of direction to get space for the drive.

In a 5v5 i like to read the center, whether its a a legit big man or not. U drive hes going to step up if u get past your man, here u can give a nice hesitation in the lane, and if your good on either side then use whatever side he gives. or u can pass it off to an open player.There's So many options man lol

So really u just have to make quick decisions and the amount of space you can get to get around the player for the drive

Hope this helped a little

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