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Originally Posted by el gringos
Another big was needed- even before injuries to amare and jeffries

Here's all that needs to happen for the Dynasty to start next year

1-Draft Jared Cunningham- buy a late 1st
2-Trade Lin + amare + fields for Bargnani + Calderon + Kleiza + Amir Johnson
3-sign jeffries + novak + in a perfect world spencer hawes more likley Jason Smith

JR smith
Bargnani/Jason smith
Chandler/jeffries/amir johnson

12 man roster built perfectly around Carmelos strengths, best offensive team ever put together that would play defense well enough to win- and you'd have calderon to play long enough to let Cunningham and shumpert to develop

You could not build a better roster with any realistic (if amare/lin/fields to grab bargnani/calderon/.... Was realistic)
I would like that trade if it didn't lead to a No Defense starting five.
Maybe you could start Shump so he can take care of the opponent Pg/Sg.

On the other hand I think that Bargnani is the perfect piece in our frontcourt.
Melo-Bargs-Chandler, man that'd be awesome
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