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Default Re: Catch and shoot or off the dribble?

Originally Posted by SunsCaptain
Just a thread to see what your opinions are.

For me I shoot off the dribble I can shoot a shot from anywhere, not looking at the basket, fading, spinning, leaning. on a sprint, lean, lay-up, any scenario you can think of for shooting on the run and off the dribble...oh man its 100%

If I get a pass and know I cant dribble the shot gets somewhat worse. I am not a stationary player. When that pass comes and I cant dribble I have to either pump fake or post up or try to drive. For some reason I need to be in rhythm.

Another question on the same topic.... Do you guys prefer to dribble left and shoot right? Or dribble right and shoot right?

For me its dribble off the left hand gather to the right and shoot. T
hat is money. For some reason dribbling from the right and shooting from the right isn't as good for me.

Left -> Right for me.

I totally feel you on this one.Especially, I love to do this to shoot a fade away jumper(one legged like dirk), it just feel so natural. But other than that, I suck shit on pull up jumpers.I can shoot after some easy calm dribbling, but whenever Im putting some strong crossovers and pull up out of nowhere its just brick city.
I would rate myself great catch and shooter, but bad pull up shooter.

PS. I once hit one legged fader to the left and 1 three pointer.One of the best shots I ever made...
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