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Default Re: SVG Confirms Howard asked for him to be fired


From Frank Isola ‏ @FisolaNYDN
Stan Van Gundy says it "looks good" for Dwight Howard playing vs. Knicks. Jameer Nelson is game time. Ryan Anderson is out

Stan agrees that teams don't want to face Knicks in playoffs because Carmelo "scares the hell out of you."

Wow. Stan says he knows Dwight Howard asked him to be fired

Now that all the cards are on the table, I'm wondering if Stan is coaching tonight. He just outed the clown prince of the NBA

Dwight's goal was to get Stan Van Gundy fired but not have blood on his hands. Too late brother

Dwight Howard, moments after putting his arm around Stan, denies he wants him fired. Wow, crazy times in Orlando

Dwight now denying he asked for Stan to be fired. Asked reporters to give up their source. Hey genius, the source is Stan

Oh Dwight, you've been outed by your coach. And in the moment of truth, you neither cracked jokes or were honest.

I think there is a 70 percent chance that Patrick Ewing makes his coaching debut tonight. Unless Dwight undermines him first
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