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Default Re: The Official "Mike Woodson" Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
Damn the son...It's the daughters fathers worry about. I don't even like my daughters playing with boys at day care She's a little tomboy now so she beats the older boys up. But my wife is like a 36 DDD, so I'm nervous as hell.

"Feeling good like head on a Sunday afternoon
Better than a chick that said yes too soon
Until you have a daughter, that's what I call Karma
And you pray to God she don't grow breast too soon" - Kanye

Don't get paranoid fam, the Mrs' will handle that alot for you.

My daughter are almost 17, have been "female" developed since around 12 years old, and both of them have boyfriends, which I've never opposed.

I'm the lenient one, but don't get it twisted, their boyfriends are scared to death of me.

They come over to the house, and won't even go upstairs at all if I'm there, even if I tell them it's ok.

Nadia likes to grill em, just to mess with them, Ari and Aly be so hot about it.

I remember last year taking Ari's boyfriend to a rec game I was playing in, and the young man would not say a word, until I told him to relax son.

He still didn't say alot even after that, but now they're cool.
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