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Default Re: Caught My First Dunk!!!

Originally Posted by Marv_Albert
Running at full pace off one leg dunks are harrrrrd! anybody got a tip for these??
I might have to hear what exactly is tripping you up in order to be of any assistance. Either way, here are some general tips:

1. Speed Dribble: Place the ball in front of your body as you sprint. Oftentimes, when a player busts out into the open floor thinking about a dunk, their dribble remains close to their body and it does not allow them to stride out. Speaking of which . . .

2. Stride Out: In the open floor, make sure you're picking up your knees when you run and generally extending your legs. Basically, you want to get away from tip-toeing yourself all the way down the court with a close dribble while standing straight up. This will often lead to a dunk attempt with no spring.

3. Take Flight: Often, when running full speed in a game situation, it's easier to dunk from further away than we're used to. When I'm just warming up and dunking, or dunking in the half court, it usually involves a run-up from just outside the college three point line. On fast breaks in games, one's speed will allow for further take offs.

4. Power Steps: Take advantage of your two steps prior to takeoff. I have found an incredible difference between dunking while standing relatively upright and dunking with my body slightly lower to the ground. Experiment with dunking with a lower center of gravity.

More than anything, I'd suggest practicing trying to dunk off of sprints from half court. Keep the dribble low enough to prevent yourself from running straight up, make sure knees are bent, grab the rock like your life rests inside, and explode.

For a lot of folks, dunking and full speed dunking is second nature. I sort of have to work for it. As such, I'll throw about a number of different hypothetical scenarios when I'm working on it. Beginning from half court, I'll cross over, then explode. I'll hesitate, spin, and explode and so on and so forth.

Lastly, being in full speed sprinting shape is a big help.
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