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Default Re: Catch and shoot or off the dribble?

I'll take a spot up jumper any day of the week over a pull-up off the dribble. I feel I am competent in both scenarios, but spot-ups are very much the better and higher percentage shot because my feet are already squared, there's a good chance I'm shooting because I have a clean look, and if the pass is right, I'm in rhythm.

However, regarding the right to left dribble pull-up, you guys may never believe me but over the years I've developed a strangely accurate one-step fallaway that some may refer to as being Dirk's move, but it actually came directly from this clip of Steve Francis, who pulls it off twice in this game (9 and 24 seconds): . Somehow, it's a terribly accurate shot, perhaps more than if I were to correctly pull up for the routine jumper. I don't over-use it, and I still pull up like normal more times than not, but it's been a real enough move for others to refer to it as my shot over the years. Somehow, that maneuver squares me up and creates an insanely deft touch.
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