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Default Re: Pro-hop/jumpstop or 1-2 step

Are you referring to the 1-2 step as a two-foot takeoff, just with both feet not setting simultaneously? Or by 1-2 step do you mean one step, then second step to one-footed takeoff? If you're referring to the latter, I prefer exploding in the paint off one foot whenever possible, for it allows me to harness a high amount of force, power, and momentum.

However, if you're referring to the jumpstop and 1-2 step as both two foot takeoffs (only the 1-2 having a staggered jump stop) then I'd choose the 1-2. I very rarely come to a pronounced simultaneous jump stop. It seems to zap my body of momentum and power. If I'm jumping off two feet, it'll be a one-two step more times than not, just for the sake of control and explosion.
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