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Default Re: Caught My First Dunk!!!

Originally Posted by MannyO
Exactly, I feel I always have to slow down a bit when going for the 2 foot takeoff. One thing I found strange was I can dunk off 1 foot but only with my left hand. I tried it two days ago and surprisingly I dunked it, but with the left. I dont mind being able to dunk with my left but I rather be able to dunk with my right because I would have more control of the ball being that its my dominant hand. Im trying to make the transition from 2 foot to 1 foot and I feel I can do it because I used to be able to get very high off 1.
I don't think that's highly unusual either. I have a left-handed friend who can only dunk with his right hand (while jumping off his left foot). Alas, since it's his off-hand, I can count his in-game dunks on one hand due to his general inability to control the ball in game situations. I'm thinking the off-hand dunking might have to do with one leg being stronger than the other.

Anyway, it's definitely possible to switch to the one-foot finish. It takes time, but it'll come. I'd practice with and without a ball, as flying without the rock seemed to allow me to concentrate on the dunking form and how to maximize my jump and how far I could take off from.
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