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Default Re: Rockets Vs. Lakers

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Even though we lost there were some encouraging signs..........Metta.....showed some Ron Artest basketball skills, Kobe's latest injury (Shin) didn't affect him.
McRoberts showed why he needs to play more often.

The bad side is that Bynum is still an immature kid who loses focus easily, the fact that he already has a tech doesn't trigger his brain to keep his mouth shut...I am sure teams will try to get him to implode in the playoffs.

The most glaring thing to me is what could've been. When I first heard about the CP3 trade and what Houston was willing to give up, I was shocked and said "Screw CP3" lets just deal direct with Houston and take Dragic, Scola, Martin and the first round pick for Pau.......and once the CP3 deal was voided I hoped the Lakers would jump all over it......but they didn't and seemed distracted by the possibility of getting Howard. Sure, it was a GREAT move to get question about that, but if you look at it we could've very very easily had both Sessions and Dragic along with Scola, Martin and a nice 1st round pick. IMO that would be a lock Championship team with absolutely no problem scoring from the bench. This is NOT hindsight, I was saying this the entire season and Lakerfreak agreed......yes we agreed
Whether you love or dislike Pau you have to see how much better we'd be right now if we had done the deal.

It's nice to see you finally admit that Bynum is just an immature brat as opposed to blaming Mike Brown for disciplining him for taking dumb 3s in a game. Didn't think you had it in you.
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