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Default Re: Rockets Vs. Lakers

Originally Posted by BallsOut
It's nice to see you finally admit that Bynum is just an immature brat as opposed to blaming Mike Brown for disciplining him for taking dumb 3s in a game. Didn't think you had it in you.

Go back and read, I DID say that Bynum is immature....there has never been a question about that. I also said that I would've fined him for his comments, which is something the Lakers didn't do.
This doesn't free Brown from harsh criticism about being an idiotic coach.
You flat out do NOT bench a guy for 1 bad shot....not at any level.
You will always get a better result from discussing the issue during a timeout, after the game or at practice. That is common sense Coaching 101.......I have well over 25 years experience as a coach. Guys who don't understand this are not experienced coaches....not to offend anyone, it's just real life experience.
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