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Default Re: Is Laron Landry on the juice?

Originally Posted by GoRapz
I haven't followed Landry though out his career but based on the posts here I'm assuming he was never this big? Who knows, maybe while being injured he dedicated all his time to being in the gym. Maybe it's off-season weight?

He's always been jacked but it's becoming something of an unhealthy obsession for LL.

I'm actually kinda glad the Skins didn't re-sign him. Don't get me wrong, he's better than anything we've brought in and will have on the field but he's really just not worth the investment IMO.

As much mass as his upper body has, it will only have a negative effect on a lower body that is creaky and an Achilles tendon was not repaired with surgeries as per doctor's advisement.

For football and as a DB, he needs to remain fluid in his movements and it could be hard with him looking like that.

These pics are from this offseason, pretty recent. Prolly a month old at the latest. I'm rooting for Laron, he's a NASTY in the box safety when he's on the field but don't play him at FS, keep him near the LOS and he'll be impactful if healthy.

Unfort, I wouldn't count on him being healthy this whole season. Adding all this bulk mass won't help the pounding his ligaments and joints will sustain in his legs from a full NFL season.
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