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Default Re: 2011 College Football Thread

I'm not saying it's true but there's not nearly enough information to jump to too many conclusions. I understand from outsider's view that what information has been released makes Petrino look like a complete scumbag and, to an extent, I think the same thing. But, try and put yourself in an Arkansas fans shoes. Your program hasn't been relevant in 30 years and you finally get this coach who comes in and goes from having a shit team and 5 wins in year one to 10 and 11 wins in years 3 and 4. All that has officially been released is Petrino apologizing to his family about a previous inappropriate relationship. I'm in the camp that that means he was having an affair but that hasn't been said. There's some saying that the relationship wasn't sexual at all but I have no idea who to believe when new "rumors" that people are trying to mask as 100% truth come out every few hours.

I ultimately don't really care what happens but if I had to choose I'd side with those saying he should be kept. He wouldn't be the first coach to get caught doing something this sleazy and keep his job. There's been coaches who have been caught in just as bad (or worse) of situations, kept their job, continued to win and, in the local and national eye, all was more or less forgotten in a few years. You didn't hear anyone say a thing about Rick Pitino this year during Louisville's Final Four run about what he did in 2009. Hell, Jim Boeheim and the Syracuse thing was more or less forgotten about by the end of the season. I think that's similar to what would probably happen here but riding out the storm for the next couple of years won't be easy.

I'm not condoning what Petrino, Pitino, or any other coach that has done something this despicable but it's not like Petrino is the first or worst that would have been caught and kept his job.
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