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Default Re: 2011 College Football Thread

Originally Posted by JMT
Pitino had an affair. It wasn't with an employee of the university that he personally hired.

Boeheim didn't do anything except for make an ill-advised statement.

Petrino lied to the police, his family and his employer. He violated state/school rules about inappropriate conduct with an underling. He basically hired a girl to screw on the university's dime and time.

Would you still be behind him if they won 6 games last year?

He didn't lie to the police that I'm aware of. I agree, Petrino allegedly hiring the girl so he could screw her looks, but I'm trying to remain calm before jumping to conclusions. For now, I'm naively going to wait until someone actually says or proves the relationship was sexual because there have been conflicting reports about the nature of the relationship. And I'm going to wait until someone can prove she was simply hired for Petrino to sleep with and not because she was qualified for the job.

Now, if non-Arkansas fans want to and do assume the absolute worse about him, then I understand. I'd be doing the same thing if this was Nick Saban, Les Miles, Dan Mullen, etc. As for if he had won just 6 games last year, of course I'd be much closer to wanting him to be fired, but I'm still not 100% sure I want him to be kept despite the combined 21 wins the last two years. However, the majority of Arkansas fans do want him to be kept more or less for that very reason. And if fans of other schools say they wouldn't want their coach to stay under the same circumstances, most of them would be lying. At the end of the day, after things boil over, all fans really want from their head-coaches is to win games. I'm not saying it's right but it is what it is.

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