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Default Re: 2011 College Football Thread

He didn't lie to the police that I'm aware of. I agree, Petrino allegedly hiring the girl so he could screw her looks, but I'm trying to remain calm before jumping to conclusions. For now, I'm naively going to wait until someone actually says or proves the relationship was sexual because there have been conflicting reports about the nature of the relationship. And I'm going to wait until someone can prove she was simply hired for Petrino to sleep with and not because she was qualified for the job.

at least you are admitting you have stuck your head squarely in the sand.

he was banging her and he said as much when he lied to his boss about her even being there and then called it a "previous inappropriate relationship" during the presser.

I'm sorry but they were sleeping together and he hired her in part b/c of it. There is no question about it.
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