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Default Re: 2011 College Football Thread

Originally Posted by kentatm

at least you are admitting you have stuck your head squarely in the sand.

he was banging her and he said as much when he lied to his boss about her even being there and then called it a "previous inappropriate relationship" during the presser.

I'm sorry but they were sleeping together and he hired her in part b/c of it. There is no question about it.

No I'm not. I've already basically said there's really no other way to see this. I'm 99.99% sure he was sleeping with Dorrell. I'm simply saying, as a fan, I'm blatantly and naively going to hold out slim hope the relationship wasn't sexual. I'm not so stupid that I honestly think he wasn't having sex with the girl.

This is bad, there's really no way to deny or surgarcoat the situation. As a Texas A&M fan who is also coming off a long stretch of mediocrity with a few solid seasons sprinkled in like Arkansas, try putting yourself in this situation. Say Sumlin comes in and, by year three, wins 10 games and takes A&M to the Sugar Bowl. Then say he follows that up with an 11 win season and another top 5 finish and gets busted for something similar in the following off-season. Would there be a large majority of A&M fans outright saying they want Sumlin fired? If Arkansas was a program on the level of the true elites then this wouldn't be an issue with most fans. However, most know that they will have a very hard time getting another coach of Petrino's caliber, and I think the BOT and big money boosters know this as well. That's why this is being made more difficult (on the inside) than it probably should be.

Bottomline, if Petrino is fired I will be fine with the decision and understand. If he's kept I will be fine with that decision, also, while struggling with truly being able to feel at peace about it.

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